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Devon A.A. Norris

Actor, Singer, Dancer, Teaching Artist

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"... the talented Devon A.A. Norris' Lare is poetic as he dramatizes the emotions of a gentle man faced with heartrending decisions..."  

-Kristin Hardwick, Hi! Drama, NYC

"...there’s a straight up shot into John’s Bennie and the Jets, where Norris already shows that he’s going to be a standout, with his dramatic take on the Top 40 hit..."

-Bill Hirschman, Florida On Stage, Fort Lauderdale, FL

"Each of the performers have moments where they shine: ...Norris’s dramatic interpretation of the Joel and John medley, which starts out with New York State of Mind, moves into She’s Always A Woman, then rocks with Movin’ Out, and winds up with Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me..."

-Bill Hirschman, Florida On Stage, Fort Lauderdale, FL


Devon was just apart of a brilliant new work written by Lance Ringel and directed by Chuck Muckle, Flash/Frozen, that has been recorded over Zoom and can be viewed here:

"Norris looks more like the scion of a wealthy family...his rich voice stands out on his solos and duets with Perkins, and he persuasively conveys Nick’s self-doubt."

-Christine Dolen,, FL 

"Perkins and Norris are exceptional lead performers, skilled in song and acting. When they sing together – as in “Here and Now,” “Enough” and “Hang On,” the joining is delightful."

-Dale King,, FL

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